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Small Fry Cursive Alphabet - Blue 11x14


Small Fry Cursive Alphabet - Blue 11x14


Small Fry Cursive Alphabet - Blue 11x14

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Keep cursive alive and well in your home or workplace with this cursive alphabet print. This alphabet was originally hand illustrated by Caitlin McClain and is based off of beautiful, classic cursive script and inspired by vintage Americana. 

The standard version (in the first photo) highlights the vowels of the alphabet. The custom version (in the second photo) highlights 3 - 5 alphabet letters of your choice. The custom version is perfect for initials, state abbreviations, or to spell out a short word or name.

***If ordering the custom version - Please be sure to leave a message upon checkout the letters you want highlighted. Please keep it to 5 or less.***

This print is called 'small fry' because it's based off of a much larger version we've made in a hanging canvas banner. View it here: and here

---------------------- About This Print ----------------------

- Print Size: 11" x 14" 
- Archive printed with 100 year inks on a thick, uncoated Artist Series paper. 
- Packaged with a cardboard backing inside a clear sleeve with a label. 
- Shipped safely in a non-bend envelope.

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